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What Is The Difference Between Thesis And Dissertation?

By Laura Brown on 11th August 2020


The major tenacity in thesis and dissertation (T/D) writing is to give an opportunity to students for in-depth research by using specified methodologies. Both terms T/D are used widely and famous around the globe. If you are a researcher pursuing your degree and got stuck in differentiating T/D, then this article is especially for you. […]

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6 Tips On How To Write A Conclusion For An Essay

By Laura Brown on 27th July 2020

how to write a conclusion for an essay

According to research, students encounter numerous difficulties while composing several components of the essays, which impedes their academic success. While everyone talks about how to write an introduction, it is equally important to discuss how to conclude a literature review in an amazing way. Why? Because one of the most challenging part of any assignment […]

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How To Choose a Dissertation Topic in 7 Steps

By Laura Brown on 16th July 2020

how to choose dissertation topic in 7 steps

Choosing a dissertation topic has always proven to be the most challenging. Have you ever been to this ball-game? If you are a higher education student, I bet you have! Do you know that only one-quarter, i.e. 25.6% of dissertations were published in a peer-reviewed journal in 2017, which shows that topic and quality of […]

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How to Conclude a Literature Review

By Laura Brown on 6th March 2019

Simple Steps to Conclude a Literature Review

Any of you who have been into research would agree that literature review is a very exhausting process. But the conclusion for the dissertation literature review is tougher because it requires you to be organised. There is not much room for you to go astray. So, here we are going to guide you for writing […]

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How to Structure a Literature Review for a Dissertation

By Laura Brown on 26th February 2019

How to Structure a Literature Review for a Dissertation

Literature review is nothing but the assessment of the selected readings. You may be assigned it to be done for three purposes: To review a book or an article also known as critical review To review bunch of readings and summarise the key points that is termed as annotated bibliography The last and main purpose […]

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How to Write an Abstract for a Dissertation

By Laura Brown on 21st February 2019

How To Write An Abstract For A Dissertation

An abstract is to be written for various purposes like for conference, research paper, report or for a dissertation. This article is purely specific to write an abstract for a dissertation. I have given my best to make your concepts crystal clear about abstract writing. After reading below steps, you would be able to write […]

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How Long Should an Abstract be?

By Laura Brown on 14th February 2019

How Long Should an Abstract be?

To be aware of the required abstract length, it is mandatory to understand the word “abstract”. What is an Abstract? The brief summary of any paper is termed as an abstract. It can contain all the main points of the paper. That’s the reason, authors of essay writing service consider it as the most vital […]

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7 Most Shocking Rules Exist in Schools Around The World

By Laura Brown on 8th October 2018

The rules are the standard set of directions made for the human being to clarify doing of anything. It made as per conditions and circumstances and set by individual and organisations. People should follow the rules for their welfare. It restricts from doing. It usually refers to regular activities like policies and guideline. They may […]

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