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Terms & Conditions

Our team of professionals offers clients with tremendous satisfaction as it is one of our central qualities pertaining to the services we provide, including assignment writing, dissertation, and thesis help. We make sure that we delight our students through our services and ideologies that shape our work ethics. Henceforth we take great pride in offering the following features and guarantees for our services.

A. Privacy Policy

A.1) We are committed to offering our customers complete protection for their privacy and other areas of concern. Our Company ensures that no personal information is shared, including the details of the credit card with anyone or any intermediary. Every single transaction made through our website is made unfailing and invulnerable through our online processing methods and system.

A.2) Customers are provided absolute secrecy and protection to use their credit cards in a risk-free manner where there are zero chances for information to be disclosed. However, the Company will not be held responsible if any such information is shared regarding credit card details that occurred outside its parameters of control.

A.3) All customers are requested to deliver their complete information to the Company, including name and particulars, such as a valid email address during the order placement process. We make sure that the above information is kept protected at all times within our archive and merely utilised for purposes including customer verification and contacting them for any further concerns.

A.4) The Company, however, forbids hobnobbing between customers and their respective writers as both parties require their privacy and security of information to be intact. This also helps us to save a lot of time for customers and writers as well.

A.5) Each and every detail pertaining to the order are made visible to the writing team once the instructions are sited, including all documentation and materials provided by the customer. The Company will not be held responsible for any additional, or personal data disclosed willingly by the client. This also includes any information mentioned within the documentation and other details specified by the client. Furthermore, customers are highly encouraged not to add or share any publicising or delicate information while communicating with their respective writers through any form or medium of communication.

B. Order Process

B.1) During the order placement process, the customer is held responsible for providing a valid email address and share accurate contact information that can help us to connect and communicate with them. In a scenario where the customer has provided deceitful information (e.g. electronic mail or contact number), it will automatically be treated as a violation of our mutually decided standings and conditions. If any wrongful or misdirecting information is discovered, the Company will then impose a penalty on any claim that is inferred by the user.

B.2) In order for the work to be initiated, the customer is requested to pay the full amount for the services provided by our Company as an early payment before working on that requested task. If the client, however, is unable to recompense the whole order amount on time, the Company will not be held responsible for any discrepancies or delays. The Company does, however, accepts the payment in instalments as well. Our representatives can decide the details for such payments through the live chat feature available on our website.

B.3) Customers are held responsible for providing clear and detailed instructions within the allotted period. If these instructions are found to be unclear and necessitate any additional instructions to carry out the instructions, then the Company will not be held accountable for any delays and cannot offer any guarantees regarding the timely delivery of work within the pre-defined deadlines. Once the directions are analysed, customers are instructed to provide any amendment demand that is based only in terms similar to the initial description and requirements mentioned by the original order.

B.4) The writer has complete autonomy to utilise appropriate and applicable foundations obtainable from the World Wide Web for the order. These may refer to any articles, books, case studies, journals, published material, tabloid, and manuscript submitted by the client.

B.5) The customer is held responsible for highlighting the sources they want to use in a particular order such as details and references in PDF format taken from books, notes, lectures, or some precise resource. The Company will not be held accountable to find material that is tagged or categorised as paid content on internet sources. However, the Company will dedicatedly provide relevant material available through private databases as well as continuously try to offer the highest quality of material for clients. The Company also encourages customers to provide any additional sources within the instructions during the order placement process that the customer wants us to implement in their work. The following guidelines, however, must be administered:

  • Each and every requirement should be delivered before 12 hours of order delivery, having a deadline of 3 or more days.
  • Each and every requirement should be delivered before 3 hours of order delivery, having a deadline of 24-48 hours.

Failing to adhere to the instructions and guidelines as mentioned above, will be deemed as a direct violation of the Company’s regulations, and they would forfeit any further claims conditionally on the firm.

B.6) Choosing the correct academic level is considered as the client’s obligation during the order placement process. The Company will not be held accountable for any mistakes committed by the customer while choosing the appropriate academic level. If an error is found later on after the client has submitted an order, then it would be considered as the responsibility of the customer to inform the Company and provide correct information immediately.

B.7) The pre-directive particulars must match the description provided for revision requests. For the resubmit process to proceed, the Company withholds the authority to check on the Quality Assurance team and halt the process if the prerequisite does not the match with original placement details. Additional payment will be charged if there is a failure to deliver the original narrative or when selecting the incorrect particulars to use while requesting for a revision by the client.

B.8) Drafts can be provided to customers by the Company on their appeal. However, they will only be accommodated if the deadline of the order exceeds three days.

B.9) The Company withholds the power to withdraw whichever compensated obligation. The Company can carry out such actions if it finds an absence of correspondence or collaboration from the client’s side or for any suitable reason pertaining to the Company’s crucial concerns. For reimbursements on an immediate basis, the Company cannot be held responsible. All cases will be reviewed independently by the Quality Assurance department, and their analysis will be based on a variety of influences through which they will carry out their judgment in the matter. The Company reserves the right to finalise the verdict and carry it out.

C. Satisfaction Guarantee

The Company strictly follows the 0% plagiarising policy and sincerely passionate about delivering high-quality services for customers. The following guarantees by the Company are included with the policy:

C.1) The Company will deliver unrestricted amendments to the customer if they are not satisfied with the work as per our revision policy. However, the Company will not be held accountable if the required closing date to deliver the document expires due to ongoing revisions.

C.2) Customers can claim for a refund within 10 days after the mentioned deadline if they failed in their assessment or did not succeed in obtaining desirable results. Our quality assurance department will then reflect on your circumstance, and our team’s experts will decide on the situation further based on their own evaluations. The Company will be unable to resolve the case if the client fails to meet the requirements as mentioned by our Quality Assurance Department. The Company will not be answerable to issue a refund for a claim that is made after 10 days have passed the order’s delivery.

C.3) The client must notify and assert for compensation before 10 days after order deadline in cases involving huge percentages of plagiarism. Once this 10 day period expires, the Company would not be held responsible. Furthermore, our Quality Assurance Team would decide on the refund amount for plagiarised work based on the piracy proportion and their remarks.

C.4) If the Company finds you entitled for any refund exceeding 70% after reviewing your case, the Company, however, provides reimbursement of maximum 70% of the amount.

C.5) Unless your works fallouts in disappointment during assessments or are found to be plagiarised, The Company has a straight policy not to issue any refunds. The payment, as mentioned earlier procedures, will be valid for both failure and plagiarism issues and concerns. If there are any issues within the work, the customer can place a request for unlimited revisions in accordance with our policies for revision. However, if the client is not satisfied even after multiple reviews, the Company will not entertain any claims for refunds as our services have already been rendered. However, customers can request the Company to get the work done by another writer for their case or simply ask for more revisions. There is no doubt that the Company offers you complete dedication by our writers to assist students and take all necessary measures to maintain top-notch quality of work.

C.6) After 15 days have expired since order deadline specified by the client at the time of order placement, any case for refund or satisfaction disputes will be disregarded. In case the 15-days period expires in lieu of amendments, the Company would not be held responsible.

D. Revision Policy

D.1) To gratify our valuable customers, the Company provides a gratis review course of action until customers are satisfied, or a condition is reached as per our given policies.

D.2) In order to avail our revision services, the customer must place their queries in the allocated period, which is twenty days after the deadline of the order. The Company follows a revision policy of 35 days for editing tasks in case of any task, paper, research proposal, or thesis proposal exceeding five-thousand words without any additional charges from the client. If the closing date of the alteration procedure is missed out by the customer or after several revisions, then the Company will charge an additional payment for further work as per the defined policy. However, if the client is incapable of attaining the desired satisfaction level once these 20 or 35 days have passed, they can either ask for a refund in response to recompense guidelines or provide additional payments.

D.3) The Company will permit the customer to request for a revision and fix mistakes within an interlude of five days following the delivery date only for cases involving service type other than Research and Writing.

D.4) The number of alterations can be limited as per the jurisdiction of the Quality Assurance department if the change requirements are different than that of original directive particulars or if there is an obvious misuse of our revision facility. Customers will not be entertained if they are found to be taking advantage of the reconsideration alternative or seeking benefits to justify other necessities that are not previously mentioned during the original placement of the order.

D.5) The Quality Assurance department withholds the power to reject the revision request by customers if they differ from the original requirements of the order. However, the Company will gladly oblige towards any revision requests that meet the criteria set by the preliminary directive obligations.

D.6) The Company withholds the power to reject any adjustment appeal without the provision of any detailed motive. Moreover, the Company also holds the right to decide on providing customers with any recompense or not.

E. Refunds & Money-Back Guarantee

E.1) For any proofreading and formatting service acquired by our customers, the Company will not be held responsible or to provide a guarantee that reinstates the given paper as plagiarism free work. Other materials that are not composed or crafted by the writers of our Company shall not be reviewed or scanned through software. Therefore the Company shall not be held accountable to reimburse any amount in the case where a proofreading task is found to be plagiarised.

E.2) If the Company misses the deadline to provide the required paper, customers will get a full refund. By ‘Full Refund’ the Company means to provide a refund of 90% of the amount paid during the order placement process. This is because payment processing companies take away roughly 10% of the total cost as their service charges, and we receive the residual amount which the customer has made the payment for.

E.3) An email for a refund claim has to be written by the client and sent to the customer support representative to whom the client has communicated regarding the order. The authenticate person will then transfer the case to the department that manages refund cases.

E.4) The Company will inform the customer if the job requires an additional time to finalise and may also suggest an extension of the deadline. However, the refund policy will become applicable if such an extended period is expired, and the Company fails to deliver the document.

E.5) Customers must read our ‘Satisfaction Guarantee’ section for concerns and issues pertaining to piracy, failures, or unacceptable works.

E.6) The refund department must be notified through an email by the customer within 72 hours along with a specified and valid reason. Otherwise, the Quality Assurance department will not consider it, and the incident will be closed if the customer doesn’t reply in the allotted timeline. The refund case will be permanently closed if the customer doesn’t respond until 10 days have passed. In such a case no further refund claims will be accepted nor will they be entertained.

E.7) Only if the client gives a valid reason behind their claim, the Company will accept their request and process the refund. For a complete investigation, the Quality Assurance department will request the customer to provide the required documents. If a claim doesn’t meet the policy criteria, the Quality Assurance department withholds the power to reject the claim. Our unit also decides the percentages for the refunded amount as they are decided after the consultations held with our experts and based on their analysis. The Company reserves the power to revoke the refund claim if a customer fails to provide the required documents or is unable to provide suitable answers to our Quality Assurance department.

E.8) All discounts provided to the order will be deducted and waved off when the refund amount and percentages are being finalised for a case. This can benefit the customer, and entitlement for recompense can result in their favour as well. For instance, a 10% discount offered to the client during the order placement period will be deducted from the decided percentage of refund. The customer will then be paid with the remaining amount.

E.9) If the order was paid for partially and not in full, the Company will not offer any support for a refund case.

E.10) The Company holds the rights to distribute, publish, and sell the document to third parties for any refund issued, and the customer will have no right to claim such work. Furthermore, the customer also not authorised to use that specific document for any of their requirements.

F. Quality of Work

F.1) To make sure that the client does not miss the mark in their examination, the members of our Company try their level best to deliver high quality of work. However, no explicit level of assurance is provided by the Company as our services are purely designed to help.

F.2) To make sure that the Company providers work under our described policies, the Company and its members monitor the statute of offering 100% satisfaction through our efforts and services.

F.3) To ensure that our conveyed effort is 100% original, the Company guarantees to take every measure possible.

F.4) A trio of excellence intensities is provided by our Company, namely Bronze (equivalent to 2:2 standard), Silver (equal to 2:1 standard), and Gold (equivalent to 1st class standard). The in-house writer’s ranking scheme of our Company governs and is directly connected to each quality level. Writers who have top scores within our system are provided with Gold level task, and a similar approach is applied for the two levels as well. However, if a specific author is not accessible for a particular level task, then upper category writers can be allocated for them. In cases where a writer for the upper level is also not accessible, then the Company decides after mutually discussing the concern with the customer. For maintaining the best quality, our writer’s rating system is governed by various factors. Furthermore, the best standard can be achieved by our Gold level, the same way our Silver level can achieve 2:1 standard. Yet due to various other circumstances, our Company doesn’t promise the explicit standard of results.

F.5) As per the deadlines provided by the customers, the work will be provided. However, in the case of delay in work, the client will be notified through an email with a valid reason as well as in the case of extension of due dates and deadlines, the assist team will get notified.

F.6) Our Satisfaction Guarantee rules will be applicable in case if any of the policies mentioned above conflict with the quality of work.

G. Cancellation of Order

G.1) The client must inform the Company on an immediate basis in case of cancellation of the order. For examples of if the pre-defined due date for the order is ten days, then the customer must inform the Company within 24hours in this case within 10% time.

G.2) For the cancellation of any order, we will withhold 25% of the amount that has already been paid. The customer will be refunded only 50% of the order amount if the request is received after the time duration to cancel orders expires as mentioned in the previous clause. Once 40% of the time has expired the cancellation of any order will not be entertained.

G.3) In lieu of any reason including client’s inability to pay specialist’s fees, unavailability of the writer, a task requiring the use of software that cannot be managed, or for any other reason, the Company will reimburse 90% of the paid amount for cases requesting cancellation of orders. This is because we get a similar amount from the payment processing companies. We highly recommend clients to get in touch with our round the clock real-time customer care agents when placing an order, if our client thinks that their task has unusual requirements.

H. Disclaimer of Breach

H.1) The Company will deliver facilities as per the agreement which transformed into a contract once the customer accepts it to initiate work. The Company will not accept any actions by the customer that break the contract, change its defining policies, or challenge them.

H.2) The customer must accept all standings and regulations. Customers can be disqualified as the Company holds power to take action against those who break any rules or regulations mentioned within the policy.

H.3) Any disclaimer or any claim will not be entertained until a confirmation procedure report is dispensed from the Quality Assurance department.

I. Amendments

I.) Without any prior notice, the Company holds the rights to amend policies, change them, or modify them. Our website currently displays policies that are visible, and that client has to approve on the terms defined by them as well as any other mentioned conditions. We highly recommend visitors of our website to evaluate the Company guidelines periodically in order to check on any updates for our online site.

J. Miscellaneous Provisions

J.1) All terms and conditions are mentioned within the agreement amid the Company and the client. The client is guaranteed under the authority of the contract, and the policy is provided to make customers understand the agreement. We will keep complete confidentiality of all information delivered by the customer. As per the agreement, the Company will always strive to provide high-quality services.