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How to Use Turnitin For Checking Plagiarism

By Laura Brown on 2nd September 2021

how to use turnitin

Students nowadays may consider themselves a champion in academic written work by simply knowing how to write a reflective essay. However, what they don’t understand is that plagiarism in their work can quickly kill their grades or chances of passing their respective courses or applied subjects. This is why it is increasingly important that they […]

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Tips For Writing A Remarkable Pharmacy Personal Statement

By Laura Brown on 12th August 2021

pharmacy personal statement

Becoming a pharmacologist is no joke; in fact, it is one of the most aspiring careers out there. While a budding pharmacologist may be thinking about how to get a scholarship. There is no doubt that your academic life starts only with good grades, as they are the key to your success. However, a pharmacy […]

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How To Write A Reflective Essay In 10 Simple Steps

By Laura Brown on 25th July 2021

how to write a reflective essay

A lot of students these days may know how to use Turnitin. However, when it comes to writing an exquisite piece of written material, it gets too challenging for them. This is where they need support, and if you can master the art of knowing how to write a reflective essay, you might end up […]

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How To Get A Scholarship In A Reputed UK University

By Laura Brown on 8th July 2021

how to get a scholarship

In current times many ambitious students often aim for the most reputed universities, but alas, the tuition fees can dishearten them. Instead, writing a pharmacy personal statement can be considered much easier than paying for those hefty tuition charges. However, if you know how to get a scholarship, then all of those troubles can simply […]

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How To Start An Introduction For Grabbing Reader’s Attention

By Laura Brown on 28th December 2020

How Start Grabbing Readers Attention

Everyone wants their readers to feel curious while reading their papers. The easiest way to grab the interest of your reader is by making an intriguing introduction. You can achieve it by using some attention-grabbing hooks. An ideal hook is placed in the first paragraph of the introduction to engage readers. It may be a […]

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How To Write An Essay Plan For Achieving Good Grades

By Laura Brown on 18th December 2020

Write Essay Plan For Achieving Good Grades

Achieving good grades is every student’s dream. In an academic career, undergraduates may come across multiple essay assignments that play a vital role in final grades. Students often start writing essays; then they run out of ideas in the middle of context. This makes them feel anxious and worried. The best way to avoid this […]

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Guide For Beginners – How To Structure An Essay

By Laura Brown on 2nd December 2020

How To Structure Essay

An essay is a piece of writing that is crafted based upon its need of being narrative or argumentative. An essay can be an outcome of interpretation or evidence-based statement analysis. There are many kinds of essay, and the criteria of writing can be different according to the subject, course level and purpose of submission. […]

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Crafting A Creative Assignment Plan – Beginner’s Guide

By Laura Brown on 20th November 2020

Crafting Creative Assignment Plan

While studying overseas, students came across a lot of assignment writing. If you are able to give yourself enough time for planning an assignment, then we recommend you to put your efforts in research, and then start writing. The most important thing here is to start early. Once you have on the go with writing, […]

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How To Write An Essay Introduction Without Any Fuss

By Laura Brown on 9th November 2020

essay introduction without any fuss

While writing an essay introduction or an assignment plan, students often came across some common questions including; Why is a perfect essay structure important? How can I structure an essay introduction? How do I introduce my central theme and argument? How would I organize my sections to support my writing? Worry not! Crowd Writer is […]

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Writing A Compare And Contrast Essay – An Easy Guide

By Laura Brown on 22nd October 2020

compare & contrast essay

What Is A Compare And Contrast Essay? A compare and contrast essay is a piece of content which evaluates the similarities and differences between two comparative topics. These topics are of same subject or category yet have distinguishing characteristics. One may compare two kinds of plants, pets, theories, personalities or manuscripts. Comparison and contrast definition […]

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