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What is Academic Writing? – A Complete Guide

By Laura Brown on 2nd October 2020

“It’s none of their business that you have to learn how to write. Let them think you were born that way.” ~ Ernest Hemingway

What is Academic Writing?

Academic writing is considered to be of a formal tone and style, use of third-person rather than a first-person perspective, as it has a clear focus on the research problem. Academic writing is not complicated and does not require the use of long sentences and complicated vocabulary. Still, it is designed to convey specific meaning about the complex ideas and often a concept.

What Is Academic Writing

What is an Academic Paper?

Drafting an academic paper or you can say that the one that is assigned to you by your professor for a university project is different from the other writing pieces. It is generally a piece of writing that should be clear, focused, well-structured, have 7C’s of communication, and is backed up by the proven evidence. Detailed academic papers can go up to 5000 words and consist of several sections as per the requirements.

Academic writing does not require sterling vocabulary, but the written work requires primary and secondary research that gives a big picture, a right tone, with a different writing style and language. You have to include evidence-based reasoning, which often creates complexities for the writers and require deep critical thinking with well-informed use of grammar and punctuation.

Importance of Academic Writing In Students Lives

The academic writing forms vary in different fields because every field requires a methodological framework and has a specific intended audience. Academic writing has become an increasingly important part of education as parents, students, teachers, and professors realise the value of writing and critical analysis skills that can prepare the students for the future.

Grasping the command in this area is so critical that every educational institution now requires students to go through the academic writing process, which enables them to prosper in society.

Academic writing is considered as a tool of communication that conveys acquired knowledge in a specific field of study because writing is thinking, and when thinking expands, writing skills improves. The writing experts at Crowd Writer understand this and make sure that their orders are full of knowledge and pieces of evidence that help each student to score high.

Five Characteristics of Academic Writing That You Must Know

Here is a list of five elements that every student should know about academic writing.


Academic writing is well-toned; it is generally understood to be divided into two patterns and styles. The tone of both the writings vary, and writers use it according to the demands and requirements.

The overall tone of the writing piece determines the attitude conveyed. Academic writing is about the adequacy, and it is only fair if you honestly present everything using positive narrative tone. Even if you are submitting an argument, the argument has to be with an unbiased language and words. The style and tone have to be neutral and not confrontational.

Include Diction

The use of the correct wording is highly important. In fact, the use and understanding of accurate denotation and connotation is a skill in academic writing. Awareness of which words and tone to use is critical because the terms can evolve a nuanced meaning that describes a specific area and phenomenon.

In academic writing, it is highly preferred to use actual words, with a specific meaning. If the word, sentence, or paragraph is confusing or contains a lot of jargon, the reader or the audience will never be able to understand the true meaning.

Appropriate Language

The language used in academic writing should be unequivocal.  Sentences should have proper connections, with well-structured paragraphs which will make it easier for the reader to understand your thought without difficulty.

The language preference varies and must be concise, formal, and should be expressive precisely. Using vague expressions isn’t acceptable. The tone should be pure, and abbreviations must be explained with the full form in the bracket.

Proper Grammar & Punctuation

Use of proper punctuation and grammar is the key while thinking of what is an academic paper. Punctuation marks and grammar are used for the delivery to be correct and hitting the target point. The proper use of both will make you triumph in your writing delivery, and yes, you are another step close to what is academic writing.

As writing lacks voice tone, emotions, and body movement, so it is essential to create a writing piece with correct punctuation marks and accurate grammar sense, so the context delivers the exact message to the reader.

Evidence-Based Reasoning

Academic writing is more than writing blogs, articles, and doing school essay projects. It is a matter of grade and understanding. Therefore, a critical reader will check for the evidence used in the write-up for supporting the ideas.

Giving evidence and reasoning is important when proposing solutions to problems or supporting your arguments. Students who buy services from Crowd Writer always show 100% satisfaction because they draft every order keeping this aspect in mind.

Five Things You Must Avoid In Academic Writing

There are some important things every student should avoid while drafting their academic writing tasks.

Personal Nouns

Understanding the fundamentals of academic writing is important before beginning with drafting an academic paper. One thing that happens with most of the students and needs to be improved is the excessive use of personal nouns. Unnecessary use of proper nouns will leave the reader to believe that study was subjective.

Orders & Commands

Ever asked an expert what is academic writing? Experts always suggest to adopt a persuasive tone and avoid giving commands, i.e., do this, do that as your writing isn’t a scientifically proven so it may lead to negative consequences.

Don’t use Informal language

Academic writing is a written-piece that needs to be excellently presented with high usage of grammar and word structure. It should never have informal language because academic writing has courtesies to follow. For instance, if you are searching for how to choose a dissertation topic, never select an informal topic.

Personal Experience

The significance of research can be challenging to understand if supported with personal experience because of the lack of authenticity. Try not to add any personal experience.


You have to collect facts and details surrounding your topic. Try not to add unnecessary information. Most readers know most of the features and repetition of events make them bore, and they don’t take an interest in your findings.


Academic writing is a process that makes you dive into research, analysis, and writing. Just remember to cater all the dos and discard all the don’ts mentioned above in this article.

If you are still left with any more doubts about what is academic writing or any other thing related to academic writing services, you can get in touch with Crowd Writer UK and remove your qualms.

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