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How To Write An Essay Introduction Without Any Fuss

By Laura Brown on 9th November 2020

While writing an essay introduction or an assignment plan, students often came across some common questions including;

  • Why is a perfect essay structure important?
  • How can I structure an essay introduction?
  • How do I introduce my central theme and argument?
  • How would I organize my sections to support my writing?

Worry not! Crowd Writer is always there to save the world for struggling students whether you have queries regarding introduction of an essay or how to conclude a literature review.

In this post below, we are going to answer all of the above queries. Also, to help you out with how to write an essay introduction without any fuss.

Let’s start!

How To Start An Essay Introduction

The Importance Of Good Essay Introduction Structure

Most students are asked to write a sustained essay argument; however, they often are unable to do so. The reason is they do not understand how different parts of an essay fit into a unified structure. The ultimate purpose is to present a sustained and clear argument.

How To Start An Essay Introduction?

There are three ways to blow your essay with an attention-grabbing introduction.

Introduce your main argument

Learning how to write a reader-friendly framework is the most critical step in essay writing. Greta essays score high due to their excellent structure and authentic argument backup. Your readers must be able to understand and follow your main argument clearly. It is recommended to stick to the central theme throughout the writing.

If you want your insights and analysis to get good grades, then you have to present them logically within the first paragraph of the introduction. A strong thematic framework is an integral part of an essay introduction. You just need to create a balanced and well-cited argument out of it.

Explain the key ideas that will support your main argument

As we mentioned above that an essay structure must be developed to back an argument, adding 2-3 key ideas that are backed up with research will add more authenticity to your statement. The logic is simple; a persistent argument asserts consistency throughout an essay. The discussion needs to be supported by several ideas. Must back up the ideas with substantial evidence.

Thus, you may need to introduce your argument in such a way that it is meant to convenience your readers with research and backed up state-to-the-art data.

Explain how these ideas fit together logically

A framework is mainly dependent on signposting. It gives cues to your readers to aware them of themes and arguments. We explain what to expect when a reader progresses through the essay. Body paragraphs are used to make a direct connection among ideas. Thus the reader sees a cue of one then another suggestion that fit together in a perfect series of sustained arguments.

How To Write An Essay Introduction – A 3 Step Guide

most students have no idea how to write a good essay introduction. However, you are very fortunate as now we know what an ideal essay structure is and what it needs to do; it’s time to discuss how to write an essay introduction. Let’s put together writing a perfect one in 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Unpack The Question

It is the foremost step on how to start an essay introduction. Here we are going to discuss William Shakespeare’s "The Tragedy of Macbeth (1606)" as an example to help you understand more clearly.

Take the statement as an example:

"William Shakespeare’s Macbeth is a play concerned with madness and morality and is not about revenge."

Now, to what extend your readers will agree with the statement? You may need to put together some well-crafted references to back up your argument.

We can further mention that:

"The Tragedy of Macbeth’s resolution is driven by the tragedy of revenge. However, the debriefing of the morality of a character’s actions and descents into insanity gets the central idea of the manuscript."

The above statement indeed makes a good argument by unpacking the initial question. Therefore, a good idea must be concise and clear because;

  • The first question rejects the assertion that revenge is not the central idea of the manuscript.
  • While the second statement states that madness and morality are also highlighted themes of the text.
  • The position of any argument can be changed by how we demonstrate it.
  • Avoiding using words like "to a great extent," "we agree," or "to a small extent" helps to develop the understanding of readers.

Hence, an essay is just an opinion that is reflected in our argumentative statement and implicit our responses. You can also take the help of essay editing service UK to proofread your text by giving it a touch of perfection.

Step 2: Choose & Introduce Your Themes

After crafting a perfect argumentative statement, it’s time to explain it with particular themes. Here we will discuss how to approach it with a structured framework. Outlining them can also leverage a proper sectional approach in no time.

Following the above example, we have to discuss our themes that are madness, morality and revenge. Thus we have to decide how to briefly explain all three aspects and connect them in our argument. An excellent thematic framework can do this for us, by every three sentences for each theme elaboration.

Now, we will present one sentence for each theme to give a clear perspective and unpack why it is essential for an essay introduction.

The first sentence:

It will connect the theme of madness and morality with revenge and demonstrate how we believe that Macbeth acted immorally to develop a better understanding of the manuscript.

"Macbeth’s madness is driven by his fears and responses to his awareness of immorality. He feels that he deserves revenge, and that is what makes him scared and mad. "

The second sentence:

It elaborates which actions of Macbeth are immoral.

"The murder of a king and his friend is regicide which shows the increasing decadence of Macbeth’s actions."

The third sentence:

It elaborates how Macbeth’s madness is a consequence of his own sense of morality.

"With the emergence of Macbeth’s madness, he was haunted by the visions and spirits of the victims of his evil desires which makes him question his morality".

Hence, when you write your own argument, you may need to support it with a framework of sentences that convenience your readers with logic. Make sure to include enough detail to foreground your statement and stick to it.

Step 3: Develop Topic Sentences

Lastly, as we have a structured framework of our argument, now we can look upon writing topic sentences as it will comprise your entire text.  As you have already aware of how to write a good essay introduction, we suggest you write without fear and then edit without any mercy. Just take care of every logical statement you have made in the opening and connect them with your ideas.

If you still need help on how to write an essay introduction, Crowd Writer UK is always there to help you out.

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Good luck!

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