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7 Most Shocking Rules Exist in Schools Around The World

By Laura Brown on 8th October 2018

The rules and regulations are a standard set of directions made by human beings for the human beings considering their betterment. These rules clarify your actions and can help you decide if a particular thing is done in the right manner or not.

These rules are made under different circumstances and can vary from situation to situation. These rules are set for the welfare of this world bearing in mind human nature and required actions in a particular position.

Where these rules can forcibly make you do something, it also restricts you from doing other actions. These are like guidelines or policies that are set for a person falling under any particular organisation, city, or country. The rules are not only limited to human beings. They can be applied to science, law, government, literature, geography and any other system in this universe. For humans, there are rules in school, job firms, business, sports, home, etc.

Many rules are set in a school in order to maintain the decorum and help students perform better and learn things at a good pace.

Shocking Rules In School

However, there still exist some rules in the school which are very funny, weird, shocking and different from others. Here are some strangest rules in some schools which are very difficult to follow:

Best Friend Not Allowed

Best Friend Not Allowed

Everyone has at least one best friend who always stands with you on your happiness, sadness and when you are in trouble. They take care of your emotions, sentiments and too many things. They even know all your secrets. However, Thomas’s school in the UK has the rule which does not allow any of their pupils to have a singular best friend. According to school administration, they do not want any of the pupils to feel left out. Also, Prince George, the future king of England is one of the students of this school.

No Red Pen

No Red Pen

The red colour is considered a sign of love, but when you use this color in academic institutions it will become the sign of negativity. Teachers mark mistakes in presented assignment writing service. However, it impact negative effects on kids. An academy in the county of Cornwall has passed a rule which directs teacher to use Green pen for correction instead of Red. They are suggested to mention some positive comments on children’s submitted work to encourage them.

Noon Naps

Noon Naps

In China, Gaoxin No. 1 Elementary School allow students to take noon naps. According to schools’ administration, the lunchtime starts at 12:10 pm till 02:00 pm and parents have not enough time to pick up and take their kids home to rest. That is why they allow them to take a nap on the school desk with their blanket and pillow.

Strictly Ban on Relationship

Strictly Ban On Relationship

In this era dating and having a romantic relationship are common in high school all over the world. Due to this alarming situation, some Japanese academies impose the strict ban on the relationship. The only reason for imposing this ban is to restrict pupil from dating, and it helps them to concentrate on their studies.

Good Appearance Not Allowed

Good Appearance Not Allowed

Nowadays using cosmetic becomes the part of life for both men and women. Especially women cannot travel or go out without makeup. Although in Japan, there is some school where you are not allowed to use makeup. These schools do not let their pupil to apply makeup, nail painting and shaving their legs. School management wants their student to focus on their studies instead of good appearance.

No High Fives & Hugs

No High Fives And Hugs

What will be your first reaction when you meet your friends? Depending on the situation, if you are delighted, then you will hug them otherwise only high five. Well, this is a common reaction, but in England and some states of America, there are some schools which impose a strict ban on high fives, hugs and other physical contacts because it is interfering with students’ academic experience. However a debate starts between parents and educators, but most of them are not in favour of this rule.

Use Washroom 3 Times per Semester

No Washroom During Class

This is a very painful rule for the students who are suffering from urinary tract infection or other health problems. In Evergreen High School Chicago management presented the policy to punishment for those students who go out for washroom more than three times per semester. However, parents criticised this policy and concerned about the possible health risk of their children.


Rules and regulations are made in order to boost the productivity of an individual. Similarly, different schools set various rules so that their students can behave well and importer their academic and extra-curricular activities.

However, there are some rules which are really insane and are difficult to follow. We have mentioned some of these rules which are being followed at different school from all around the globe.

In my personal opinion, these rules should be revised. I couldn’t image myself studying in schools with such rules. But, you never know, maybe these schools have never faced any opposition by the parents or students as they might have been performing well under such regulations.

Author Bio:
Laura Brown

Laura Brown, a senior content writer who writes actionable blogs at Crowd Writer.